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Nydia Caro

Nydia Caro (born June 7, 1950) is an American & Puerto Rican actress and singer; making her debut on a NBC television show. In 1967 she released her first album titled "Dimelo tu." She has released 20 internationally acclaimed albums and CDs ever since. In 1970, she won the "Festival de la Canción" in Ibagué Colombia. In 1972, she went to Tokyo, Japan, where she sang La Borinqueña before the world Heavyweight boxing championship fight between George Foreman and Jose Roman. In 1973, she won one of the first awards in the prestigious "Festival de Benidorm" in Valencia, Spain. In 1974, she won the equally prestigious Festival OTI in Mexico. Caro is a cultural icon in Chile since her 1974 appearance at the Viña del Mar International Song Festival. She appeared in Chilean telenovelas and also hosted her own program, "El Show de Nydia Caro" on Puerto Rican television. Caro has a reputation for her lasting beauty and class. In 2000, she made her Hollywood debut in Under Suspicion, starring Gene Hackman and Morgan Freeman.



Las noches de Nydia(2003)
De amores luminosos(1998)
Para valientes nada mas(1991)
Hijo de la Luna(1988)
Nydia Caro/Papa de domingo(1984)
Nydia Caro/Preparate(1983)
A quien vas a seducir(1979)
Isadora/Keep On Movin'(1978)
Nydia Caro/Oye guitarra mia(1977)
Nydia Caro/El amor entre tu y yo(1977)
Nydia Caro/Palabras de amor(1976
Contigo fui mujer(1975)
Hoy canto por cantar(1974)
Nydia Caro/Duerme (1974)
Nydia Caro/Cuentale(1973)
Hermano tengo frio(1970)
Los durisimos y yo(1968)
Dimelo tu(1967)
Ask me What I want for Christmas(1966)

Alternate discography:

Ocho puertas(2003)
Al compas de un sentimiento
Asi canta Puerto Rico(1991)
Somos el projimo/Aristada puertorriquena(1985)
Cantare, cantaras/Hermanos del Tercer Mundo(1985)